No 10 Policy Chief backing Boris Island?

Intriguing story in the Daily Mail

David Cameron’s ‘blue sky thinker’ Steve Hilton is secretly plotting with London Mayor Boris Johnson to force the Prime Minister to drop his opposition to plans for a £40 billion airport in the Thames estuary.

The provocative move follows reports that Mr Hilton is on the brink of walking out of No 10 because he thinks Mr Cameron is ‘losing his nerve’.

Mr Cameron believes Tory rival Mr Johnson’s plan for the airport, dubbed ‘Boris Island’, is a non-starter.

The disclosure that Mr Hilton has thrown his weight behind the idea is a big boost to Mr Johnson – and a snub to Mr Cameron. Friends of Mr Cameron are convinced Mr Johnson is trying to exploit policy differences in a campaign to succeed him as Tory leader. Any suggestion that Mr Hilton could ‘defect’ to Mr Johnson would send shockwaves through No 10.

Probably another leak against Mr Hilton by civil servants fed up with his tongue lashings and the ‘enemies of enterprise’ speech (which he wrote).

As we reported on the Boris Island approach is an impractical solution to airport capacity – taking 30 years, but there are alternatives which can be constructed in much less time – at the same time as the first phase of HS2 from Old Oak Common.

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