Legal use of Google maps imagery in Arcgis

Big news

It works through Arc2Earths cloud service. Frankly I cant see anyone hosting their own GIS serviers within a year or two – it will all be done through the cloud.

What about OS derived data (i.e. all local government data) on a hosted service? Confusion still rein but with the data not hosted by google but by yourself through a third party could provider it would seem to reduce the issues. See the linked discussion on Ed Parsons blog.

GIS and Planning, stop flirting start s***ging

How sad am I – news of the day proposed features of Arcgis 10.1, at least being able to distribute advanced spatial analysis models through the cloud- yeah.

Am I talking past you???

A couple of years ago I had some interns from Kingston University. Kingston is top dog for GIS in the uk, planning well – could do better.

(the land of their Coombe Hill campus btw is worth an absolute fortune – worlds worst place for a campus, very good for russian billionaires)

What struck me was the planning students did not know the first thing about GIS. ‘Not enough time’

The two schools talked entirely past each other.

Do planners in the uk not know about the fundamental advances of the Florida School.

The founder of GIS Jack Dangermount, as a young landscape architect, was inspired by the great Ian Mc Harg to create computer systems to promote better environmental planning ‘ to design a better world’

What tools do the planners at various planning schools think they need to learn to design a better world?

GIS today is the equivalent of a scale rule – a tool all planners should be able to use without thinking.