Shapps would scrap East -West Rail Bedford to Cambridge – ‘no big cities’ on route – that’s the point build them

Cambridgeshire Live

Mr Shapps said he believed it would be the Department for Transport’s first choice for cancellation

[Shapps] asked [on LBC] what he would do if he was in charge, he said: “I would cut East West Rail on what’s called two and three, the second and third stages. The charges of it, it would save £3-5 million.” [He meant billion]


A Department for Transport spokesman said: “It will be for the next prime minister and government to make a decision on East-West Rail.

Campaigner William Harrold said “there would be delight in south Cambridgeshire” if the project was brought to an early end.

Mr Harrold co-founded Cambridge Approaches after discovering East-West rail’s preferred route to Cambridge was through south Cambridgeshire.

The group argues there is a stronger business case for the route to approach Cambridge from the north, connecting with the Ely line near Milton.

Mr Harrold said the East-West company had yet to publish a business case to justify the southern route, but also questioned the continuation of the entire scheme.

He said: “At this time with a lot of cost pressures on government spending, they should be asking, is this value for money?

“Without big cities between Oxford to Cambridge, you’ve got to question the amount of passenger traffic it will receive, plus the huge subsidy UK rail receives from the taxpayer.

No Big Cities – well isnt that the point – lets build one. Its the fastest growing part of the country with a unique opportunity to build net zero transport from day one. Radical Capital recently calculated cancelling the Arc would cost the country 50 billion.

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