Where is the Uttlesford ‘Rabbit Out of the Hat’ Option?

Essex Live?

‘Exciting’ mystery development being considered in Uttlesford after local plan delay

An Essex council which postponed a major planning blueprint by half a year has said the delay is necessary to consider a mystery new site….

Councillor John Evans (Residents for Uttlesford, Felsted and Stebbing) told the committee a new site which could be developed had emerged and the council needed the extra time to properly consider its impact on the overall plan.

He said: “Delay is necessary because of the prospect of an additional special opportunity which has emerged.” He later said: “This has arisen not as a result of any political view being taken by the administration but on the contrary has arisen as a result of the good work which has been undertaken by our policy team.”

Local Plans and New Communities Manager Stephen Miles o…said: “The problem I have at the moment is that we have apparently got this really new and exciting proposal for the council that’s going to completely change the way we’ve looked at the local plan to date and present us with another option that we’re all going to be happy with. In reality, I’d be worried about the testing that we have undertaken to date to get to that conclusion.”

This suggests a new site not previously considered in the SHLAA. Everyone happy with – such a local plan dream. My guess is one of two places, South West of Bishops Stortford between the town and the M1 and West of Great Notley on the Braintree border. Both curiously absent from calls for sites – possibly the kind of old money large estate landowners that have to be cajoled into interest, and on both cases the objecting residents being in adjoining authorities.