How @PennyMordaunt Mispoke on Housing Targets in the @ConHome Debate

Targets don’t help build housing, says Mordaunt

Leadership candidate Penny Mordaunt has said that housing targets are not helpful when tackling the housing crisis.

Asked about housing shortages, she told a hustings: “The thing that doesn’t help get houses built is targets.

“I know this from my own local constituency that has had housing targets, and out of the last five years, not one house had been built, apart from one year.”

She added: “There’s lots of other reasons why we’re failing to get the volume of houses built that we need every year, but they’re different in different places”.

Ms Mordaunt said there were new towns that needed to built, and that greater competition in development was needed. She also vowed reform Government policies that are “stifling development”.

When you compare to the AMR for Portsmouth she didnt mean that 4/5 years no homes were built, rather that in only one of the last 5 years the number of homes completed exceeded the standard method number 872 (which of course is not a target but a measure of need to be met either locally or in adjoining less constrained areas) – very confused Penny. However you describe it as a need figure or target the housing has to be met in Portsmouth or somewhere. As Badenoch said numbers are ‘scary’ but if you really do have a monster living in your wardrobe it doesn’t become less of a threat if you don’t look inside.