Horsham Inspectors Report is the Worst Timed Ever

Issued 19th

As for the needs of London, I note that the Further Alterations to the London Plan (FALP) include a housing target of 42,000 pa compared with an estimated need of 49,000 pa. However, the Mayor’s evidence to the recent examination of the FALP indicates with confidence that the shortfall of 7,000 dpa can be met within London’s boundaries. There has been no indication from the Mayor that he is expecting the HDPF to meet any of London’s current needs and in these circumstances no further provision is necessary.

As we know the inspector to the Further Alterations to the London Plan saw through the Mayors ruse of trying to meet the shortfall from the aeher and said the need would have to be met outside London. His report was published on the 15th Dec.

As a result the inspector consluded there was no current need for the Mayfield Country Town.

Sigh this report, from the inspector not checking release dates and not liaising with fellow  inspectors, as they can and often do, takes the debate not an inch furher as it is out of date the moment it is issued.  Similar the new policy on SHMAS and Green Belt reviews will further push out OAN from the Metropolitan Green Belt authorities.   This is a record.  An inspectors report out of date 4 days before it was issued.  Certainly the inspector raises good points about the problems of this proposal, its distance from rail for example, but it wont close down the debate and does not soundly conclude that Horsham is not a good location for a Garden City.


One thought on “Horsham Inspectors Report is the Worst Timed Ever

  1. I think Geoff Salter, the Horsham inspector, knew what was going on. The London problem and the issue of London being unable to address its needs in full is a very sensitive issue. It’s interesting that Planning magazine hasn’t covered this yet.

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