We can’t set Targets for Housebuilding in Broxstowe – if we miss them we look stupid

Inside Housing

Instead it just ends up looking powerless

Sheena Ramsey, chief executive of Gateshead Council, was speaking at the Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH)’s annual conference on Tuesday during a session on the opportunities and risks for local authority development.

“Get people in a room, tell them what you want and say we aren’t letting you out until we have sorted it,” she told delegates.

“Local government went through a really torrid time and it has taken a long time to get people’s heads back up.”Morning Briefing: thousands descend on Manchester for Housing 2019

She was responding to an audience question from Teresa Cullen, chair of the housing committee at Broxtowe Borough Council, who revealed that the authority’s chief executive had warned that setting too high a development target risked making the administration “look stupid”.

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