The Failed Veenhiuzen Experiment for Dumping of Anti-Social Tenants

There has been a lot of media about the Labour Mayor of Amsterdam’s new policy that:

“Repeat [anti-social] offenders should be forcibly removed from their neighbourhood and sent to a village for scum”

But its been tried before.

The province of Drenthe is a remote area. In the past served as peat mining district and dumping ground for thugs and thieves. Even into the 20th century, Drenthe had an infamous penal colony, aimed at “educating” anti-social types.

There is today even a museum of the colony, Veenhiuzen, now  a World Heritage Site -see Wikipedia

Did it work?  No it became a badge of honour to have lived there, with a Dutch folk singer redoing a version of Johnny Cashes San Quentin (replaced with Veenhuizen) after spending time there for alcoholism.  It also became a school for crime amongst youth.

Id add some nice pictures but WordPress is having a bad day.

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