More Believing Two Impossible and Contradictory Things before Breakfast between DLUC and Truss @Lee4NED @SimonClarkeMP

Truss – we must build house where people want it

Lee Rowley – we mut build housing where people dont want it

Which one is government policy?

If you have shares in a housebuilder – given your policies are likley to lead to a collapse in housebuilding – why are you being part of the worst alliance against housing driven growth since Eric Pickles which led to the lowest housebuilding since the 1920s? What reason can you given them not to sell and see a collapse in capital formation on housebuilding caused by high inflation – which you have made worse with the halt on quantative tightening, and the collapse in new mortages and a decling credit impulse, which always precedes a spectactular collapse in the housing market and worse a debt deflation balence sheet recession. What did the Austrians teach you about capital formation?

Could student politics incompetance in the mini budget and dumb messing around with policy on housebuilding – leading to a further collapse in numbers in and rate of prodcution of local plan get cant more deperate, all egged by by Trusses crazy messgaes to LPAs to lower targests and stop plan making. Worst and the most unecessary, due to ministerial incompetance, crisis in my 30 years in planning.

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