So Now Planners Planning for Growth are Part of the ‘Anti-Growth Coalition’ – Trusses new made up enemy

Her Speech

I have three priorities for our economy: growth, growth and growth….

Over the coming weeks, my team of ministers will set out more about what we are going to do to get Britain moving. We will make it easier to build homes, to afford childcare and to get superfast broadband.

Truss argued that the Conservatives faced an “anti-growth coalition” of the opposition Labour and Liberal Democrats, trade unions, anti-Brexit and environmental campaigners as well as “vested interests dressed up as think-tanks” that did not understand “aspiration”. {not like the IEA or CEI of the rest of the Tufton Street Dumbtanks that preempt up your bad ideas then]

As the Guardian said

Given Truss’s only real housing policy so far has been to abolish homebuilding targets, she feels unlikely to buck the trend. [of failure]


That’s the question we stood up and asked the prime minster directly as we interrupted her speech in Birmingham today. Because surely it’s not right that barely a month into her premiership, Truss is already shredding the promises that got her party elected.

Greenpeace UK analysis has identified at least seven areas across environmental protection, climate action, workers’ rights and tackling inequality where policies either confirmed or being considered by Truss and her ministers are at odds with the 2019 Conservative manifesto.

People expect to get the government programme they voted for – and one that truly meets the moment of the environmental and cost of living crises we are all facing. This certainly isn’t it. The Conservative manifesto in 2019 was clear when it promised the “most ambitious environmental programme of any country on Earth”. But how does that tally with the Truss government’s moves to potentially abolish hundreds of EU laws protecting wild places and regulating water quality, pollution and the use of pesticides?

Making up a fake enemy and labeling everyone who opposes you is a tactic of the American hard right learned from the European very extreme right ‘libtard’ anyone

Robert Huttton the Critic

It’s not podcasters that forced her to back down over tax this week, it was Conservative MPs, the same people who are going to stop any attempt to make it easier to build houses. It’s not the trades unions or Extinction Rebellion that are pushing up everyone’s mortgage rates, it’s the whiff of do-or-die craziness given off by government ministers.

But Truss and her party need an explanation for the state of the country that doesn’t involve the people who’ve been in charge for a decade, and so podcasters and the Lib Dems it will have to be. 

In the hall, this generated a deep rumble of approval. They had wanted an enemy, and now they had The Anti-Growth Coalition. Those of us who had both Twitter accounts and a record of travelling in BBC taxis shifted uneasily and prepared to fight our way out, armed only with our notebooks and our razor-sharp takes. 

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