@KwasiKwarteng and Government make Four Totally Contradictory Statements on Environment Controls in Investment Zones in Three Days – No Wonder RSPB, WWF and National Trust are on War Footing #ironweatervane blows in wind

He cant win this one – they have 10 time more members. Expect a u-turn before parliament resits

Lying on Laura Kuenssberg]

We’re not going to relax environmental rules,” the UK chancellor told BBC One’s Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg show, arguing the only aim was to reduce red tape.

“What the prime minister and I are focused on is the process. Too often in this country the process just takes too long. It doesn’t mean that you change the standards, but the process of the paperwork and actually getting consents is taking too long. And that, as you’ll appreciate, is an obstacle to growth.”

Mini Budget Green Book

Accelerated development – there will be designated development sites to deliver growth and
housing. Where planning applications are already in flight, they will be streamlined and we will work
with sites to understand what specific measures are needed to unlock growth, including disapplying
legacy EU red tape where appropriate

Press release on his speech

New legislation will cut barriers and restrictions, making it quicker to plan and build new roads, speeding up the deployment of energy infrastructure like offshore wind farms and streamlining environmental assessments and regulations. (not stremaline not dissaply)

New Bill Released 22nd The Retained EU Law (Revocation and Reform) Bill 2022

Retained EU Law was never intended to sit on the statute book indefinitely. The time is now right to end the special status of retained EU Law in the UK statute book on 31st December 2023. The Bill will abolish this special status and will enable the Government, via Parliament to amend more easily, repeal and replace retained EU Law. 

By dictat without parluiamentary approvel – yes al of the safegards put into course inthe Envieonment Bill 2021 by Gove including setting up a new watchdog are for naught – as Willaim Resse Mogg could ‘dispply’ then automatically on 31st December 2023 or va Henry IIX clauses before then. All the assurances given in many speeeches during passages of the Environment Act 2021 , all of its ‘no derogation caluses’, all assurances given by minister on same point during levelling up bill, not worth paper printed on. No wonder there has been an unprecedented explosion of ourtrage amonst all of the envonmental charities and campaign bodies – far nore than the NPPF.

Look this is nothing about making slightly less silly rules on Newts and Bat Surveys, it is about slashing away all controls on protecting some of the most endnagered species in England. Before European legislation on these there was almost notthing. Its political suicide as it war on Water (the Water Viole) and his chums. Even me as a fan of zoningm, streamlining and Nimbys worst enemy is totally outarged at the American Oilbaron Greeny hating bullshit of it all.


In a forcefully worded statement posted on Twitter on Friday, the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds in England said plans for changed rules in investment zones “potentially tears up the most fundamental legal protections our remaining wildlife has”.

It said: “Make no mistake, we are angry. This government has today launched an attack on nature. As of today, from Cornwall to Cumbria, Norfolk to Nottingham, wildlife is facing one of the greatest threats it’s faced in decades.”

National Truss

In a statement on Sunday, the head of the National Trust, Hilary McGrady, said that it was “a crucial moment for our natural environment”.

She wrote: “Nature is in decline and we need bold action on climate change. These concerns are shared by the public. Poll upon poll show that further ambition on net zero and nature are widely supported.

“Rather than ramp up action to support our environment, this government appears however to be heading in the opposite direction. Environmental protections are dismissed as ‘burdens’, whilst investment and growth are pitted against nature and climate action.

WWF Twitter

Even Truss’s own Bishop of Norwich worried about Norfolk becoming a ‘pollute what you like where you like when you like’ zone

The Bishop said on Twitter: “Healthy nature underpins a healthy society and a healthy economy. The government seem willing to squander that and it must be stopped.

“I’m deeply concerned by the way the government wants to renege on its climate and nature responsibilities.

Camapaiging groups like @naturesvoice should did listen to what poorly researched bullshit Kuenssberg is fed and never responds too, they have to challenge primary legislation with sunset and Henry IIX powers which could seep away the Environment Act 2021 provisions and even international treaties ion Natire Protection which the UK is a suignatory, including the withdrawl traty.

Truss Team Discussed Reviving Ox-Cam Arc as Investment Zone, but just went with a few Industrial Estates Instead


Whitehall insiders said a more detailed policy document would appear in the coming weeks, but they added that failure to include planning reforms in the investment zones package would limit their overall impact. Initial plans discussed by Truss’s policy team envisaged the revival of programmes such as the 2017 Oxford-Cambridge Arc, which envisaged building 1mn extra homes as part of plans to capitalise on the boom in life sciences. The project, which sought to rebuild the “varsity” railway between Oxford and Cambridge universities, was shelved [not shelved just Gove wanted local councils to lead – which they didnt because they didnt want housebuilding – so allowed to lapse rather, and with it the rail investment made no business sense] under Boris Johnson because of local objections to housebuilding and a decision to focus on the “levelling up” agenda in the north. Whitehall insiders said the radical nature of the investment zones had been “overhyped” in terms of the scale of ambition. “We’ve gone from the OxCam Arc to an industrial estate in Cornwall,” said one.

Fixing the Wye Chicken Nitrates Nuetrality Problem – Adapting a Measure from the Minerals World

Finally Observer has caught on to this story (cough cough they were tipped off)

Guardian Group

New intensive poultry units – each housing at least 40,000 chickens – sprung up to meet the demand, and between 2013 and 2017 the number of birds in Herefordshire increased from 13 million to 18 million. [the highest concentration in the world]…

research by Lancaster University, which found chicken litter was the main source of manure causing phosphate pollution on the Wye. The findings were published last December, which identified poultry as the main source…

Helen Hamilton, a planning consultant who has worked with environmental groups, says she warned planning officials several years ago about the legal actions in Oklahoma. She said: “They sent us away with a flea in our ear. The River Wye is now possibly beyond redemption.”

It is now hoped stricter controls and new practices, supported by Cargill and other operators, will help reduce the Wye pollution. Some farms are installing biomass boilers to generate heat from chicken manure, while other farms are sending the poultry litter to anaerobic digestion plants.

There was a lot that went wrong here – excuses that their was development plan policy – err what about Solar Farms etc.

Not properly screening projects for EA and HRA, not when going through EA issuing reg 25 notices re water pollution from litter, poor awareness of The Reduction and Prevention of Agricultural Diffuse Pollution (England) Regulations 2018, so that mitigation measures for litter and slurry from other intensive farms are mitigated at source. Its a growing problems in many areas across the country.

But this has a familiar ring, think of all those wartime minerals permission permitteed without proper conditions – Renewal of Minerals Permissions (so called RIOMPS) where modern conditions and mitigation measures can be applied – without compensation in most cases.

Modern Anerobic Digestion Plans can convert raw slurry into Biogas and digestate that can be processed into fertliser – the latter being essentially nitrate capture – as long as you dont overload river catchments with nitrates elsewhere.

The problem with biogas is that although it is Green Hydrogen it is still hydrogen – so emits CO2 when burned. However it can displace fossil fuels where hydrogen is still required, such as HGVs and Heavy Industry, so Green Hydrogen has a role but it needs to be a planned one. In theory the CO2 absorbed when crops for livestook or humans directly or AD feedstock (as a source of power) will be the same as emitted futher down the process – usually in animal emmitted gases- in other words it nets to zero. The issue then becomes sensible land use planning of all sources of emissions and co-designing the nitrogen, Methane and carbon cycles. Does Libertarain Liz want to understand this? Does she want to speak too that socialist Welshman? But what is suggested here is a sensible approach, ROILFP – Renewal of Intensive livestock permissions – light tough planning solving problems in an integrated way at source rather than the emergency options of blaming the builders as usual; they have a small part to play but only because too much nitare in soils from fetilisers gets washed into wartercourses when sites are developed.