Truss to Water Down PINS Powers: How the Iron Westercock will twist in the wind as her wild all over the place approach to Planning must Fail

This will end well – ‘Truss to empower NIMBYs’ this will end well im saying nothing. A good example of car crash government that will blame the woke establishment after car crashing housing delivery. The iron weathercock will turn soon. The least consistent and intellectually coherent PM ever looks to bring down the planning system to ends contrary to what she really believes in. You really cant argue with Truss, because in 5 mins time she wil be agreeing with you.


Planning laws are set to be overhauled by Liz Truss to end central housebuilding targets and let local communities approve new developments more easily in a move that risks splitting Conservative MPs, i understands.

Ms Truss in her first Prime Minister’s Questions this week revealed she was asking the Housing Secretary Simon Clarke to water down the powers of the Planning Inspectorate, arguing it was “too easy” for the body to overrule councils’ decisions. [err uphold government policy to net objectively assessed need- a good example of listening to saloon bar nimbys rather than real experts, and removing the only ‘incentive’ our screwed u planning system has to build]

i understands that Mr Clarke is also looking at enacting Ms Truss’s leadership pledge to end “Soviet-style” and “top-down” housing targets and could move to change the Levelling Up Bill going through parliament to make it a reality. [err where are ‘targets’ even in any Bill they arnt even governent policy, lets abolish something that inst even real – dumbtank government, [Since when did planning prevent them approving development. Most southern authorities hat development and wnat to refuse it come what may and all incentives to approve have objectively failed. ]

But the move risks a backlash from Tory MPs in leafy southern seats who are facing the threat of election defeat to the Liberal Democrats.

Ms Truss appears to be conscious of the threat, promising last month to beef up the anti-Lib Dem unit at Tory HQ as part of a bid to save the so-called “Blue Wall” of Tory seats revealed by i.

Several Tory MPs are thought to be worried about losing their seats to the Lib Dems and Ms Truss’s predecessor, Boris Johnson, was in March forced to ditch his radical Planning Bill in the face of a backlash from backbenchers.

The Prime Minister’s planning reforms will form part of her wider plans to deregulate in an attempt to boost economic growth.

On Wednesday at PMQs, she said: “It is too easy for local councils to be overruled by the Planning Inspectorate, and that is certainly an issue that I expect my Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities to look at.” [ err all PINS is doing is implementing government policy – if you want the mot to overule simple change government policy so that housebuilding is no longer important, lack of planning approval and lack of plan making is rewarded -incentives matter surely SIMPLES]

During the Tory leadership contest she promised to develop a Conservative “bottom-up” approach to planning, putting more power in the hands of local people and councillors. [more powers to reduce housbuilding SIMPLES]

She pledged to slash red tape, arguing the current system is “too bureaucratic, too slow, and too complex”, while incentivising councils to build new homes.

Ms Truss also said she would create new low-tax, low-planning law, and low-regulation investment zones to create new model towns like Bournville and Saltaire.

These areas would be modeled on regeneration projects like the London Docklands.

Ms Truss would also look to encourage “new and innovative” housebuilding on brownfield sites.

She said the measures would help fulfil the Conservatives’ 2019 manifesto pledge to build 300,000 new homes by the mid-2020s. [err only an idiot could think this is logically coherent policy making]

Ms Truss has long had planning laws in her sights for reform, sparking a backlash in 2018 after saying Tories must accept building homes in the countryside. [So now she proposes policies that will lead to a far bigger fall than Pickles did- the largest fall since the 1920- logical huh]

As Chief Secretary to the Treasury she insisted “we need to open up more land for building”, while complaining “there are a lot of nimbys (‘not-in-my-backyards’) in Britain”.

The take – back to the days if Pickes – objectively ridiculous nimby driven policy – a collapse in Housebuilding and three years later massive turn amidst government panic – how often have we seen such unsustainable ”iron weathercocks ; as the Europeans have termed Truss Government- the wind blows- massive disruption-and uturn again in three years or so. Lots of fun for this blog as we totally predict the mistakes of government and when and how they must urturn -again and again the weathervane turns.

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