Slightly enhanced Strategic Plans in Queens Speech

Link here

A few key changes jump out

  1. new beast ‘national development management policies’ duty to have regard to alongside local plan, presumably NPPF etc.
  2. policies maps now statutory part of local plans
  3. a new beast ‘joint strategic plans’ like non statutory strategic plans but statutory, no powers to allocate land, no requirement for general conformity. Not in combined authority areas (as presumably sds like Manchester). But what about the planned Cambridge/S Cambs joint plan – well thats a statutory joint local plan. Also would not cover the West of England model – i.e. statutory strategic policies. Why not simplify and have ONE form of joint strategic plan
  4. SoS can now direct to make joint LOCAL plans (not 2 above) and joint committees a huge step forward
  5. Local plans now statutory, with statutory timetables
  6. Key points of examination procedure rules now in act not regs
  7. Nationally set local plan data requirements
  8. DTC abolished (see notes)
  9. CiL abolished outside London and Wales, no taking affordable housing or other land based S106 requirements out or new fixed levy. .
  10. A new beast supplementary plans – subject to examination
  11. Design codes must be part of local plan – why not supplementary plans??

Nothing to make local plan process quicker – and with statutory design codes will take far longer to prepare.

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