Nutrient Neutrality Areas More Than Double


As a result of these regulations and European case law, Natural England has previously advised a total of 32 local planning authorities that where protected sites are in unfavourable condition due to excess nutrients, projects and plans should only go ahead if they will not cause additional pollution to sites. They can demonstrate this through “nutrient neutrality”. This means that new residential development can only happen if the nutrient load created through additional wastewater from the development is mitigated. This typically involves creating new wetlands to strip nutrients from water or creating buffer zones to revert to nature. This has had a significant negative impact on the number of homes granted planning permission in affected areas.

Following further work to understand the sources of site deterioration, Natural England have identified a further 20 protected sites that are adversely impacted by nutrient pollution. As a result, Natural England have today advised a further 42 Local Planning Authorities that their areas are covered by this advice. Different Local Planning Authorities are affected to different degrees – some will have only a small fraction of their area affected, and others will be impacted to a much larger extent.

Where are these areas? Ive heard of Bucks today?

2 thoughts on “Nutrient Neutrality Areas More Than Double

  1. Hi Andrew

    Would be very grateful if you could share the list of affected areas if you receive it.

    You may have already seen the Chief Planners to affected LPAs just published here:



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