Basildon to vote to Put itself on the same Failed Council Naughty Step as Castlepoint – Leader Proposes to Withdraw Local Plan Tonight at last stage of Examination


to deal with any notice of an emergency motion which the Mayor of the Council may permit in accordance with Council Procedure Rule 14.

In accordance with Council Procedure Rule 14(f) the Mayor has agreed an emergency does exist insofar as the below motion is concerned.

To be moved by Councillor Baggott –

‘The Council resolves to withdraw the Emerging Basildon Borough Council local plan (2014-2034), which is unadopted.

The reason for the withdrawal is based upon, in part, to the current Conservative Administration views and beliefs in placing a greater emphasis on protecting the Greenbelt for current and future generations than the previous administration.

The withdrawal will in addition give the Full Council an opportunity to make a new plan, one which will seek to address other concerns, which includes, but not exclusively, the town centre regeneration and the high rise developments.’

An officers report on a last set of mid examination changes at same meeting.

It totally discredits the whole planning system if after many rounds of consultation and examination plans are withdrawn only to have to start whole plan again and just posting the inevitable findings of the inspector. Basildon would be deliberately putting itself in the same ‘failed’ (their chief executives own words)category as neighboring Castlepoint.

The Conservatives took over Basildon in May 2021. They are proposing to reduce brownfield housing by reducing development proposals in Basildon Town Centre.

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