Govys Coach Trip

 With the enduring TV show shifted off dry land and onto a 2,500-passenger Med cruise ship 'it's guaranteed to befull of sun, sea and sass'
Fresh from a wild night clubbing, Govy takes Cllrs on a coach trip to a windfarm to count all the dead birds the operator cleaned up the day before

DBIS Community Engagement and benefits and Onshore Wind

Online parish polls and coach trips to see other windfarms, are two examples of how developers can go the extra mile to make the development real for people, to reach beyond and supplement typical, traditional methods of engagement:
Coach trips to see other windfarms
‘“We offered free coach trips to see windfarms. For some people, it was just a day out. It was just a free coach trip really, they didn’t really care too much about our windfarm development.
“But then when one or two letters appeared in the local newspaper saying that windfarms kill birds and stuff like that, some of the people who had been on coach trip wrote into the newspapers and said, no they don’t, we’ve actually been to one and didn’t see any dead birds.” (Developer)

The Planning Committee votes

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