Gove (and Boris’s) New Casual Approach to Housing Supply will Get Them to End of Next Week But Perhaps Not Even to Xmas

The briefing coming out of number 10 is they are more relaxed about housing supply and tax changes (to buy to let) are a bigger factor.

So is housing more affordable.

Errr stagflation, higher interest rates coming to fight inflation and boost collapsing pound.

That equals high mortagage payments, lower real wages with inflation means a crisis in affordbility.

A crisis in affordability means mortgage defiles.

Equals a prick to a housing market whose boom conditions were caused by a shortage in supply.

A bust leads to debt deflation.

Treasury panics and seeks to boost supply side and blames Britain’s unique house price volatility on its uniquely discretionary and complex planning system.

Round the loop again.

Seems a political line to get through conference week and might not survive till xmas.

Well we do now know Turkeys vote for Boris.

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