Well Done -it seems like Planning Reform Bill may be published in Draft Form


Legislation in draft form never has gone on to fail in parliament. Even less likely with EVFEL.

From the Griffeth and Lyle Textbook on Parliamentary Procedure:

Select committees looking at draft bills seem to have steered a middle way between
challenging the whole principle of the bill and minutely scrutinising the text of each
clause. Substantive reports have been published, commenting on the policy of the bill
and suggesting improvements. The relevant government departments have been able
subsequently to point to a committee’s support for particular measures. At the same
time they have had to justify quite fully any decisions not to accept changes
recommended by the committee. Since committee scrutiny has often been conducted
in tandem with public consultation on the bill, the whole process has subjected draft
bills to more thorough public examination at an earlier stage than would normally

2004 leader of the House – Peter Hain

pre-legislation is a very desirable practice and should make subsequent handling easier, though there is a
lively debate amongst my business manager colleagues and some ministers as to whether it actually does assist with the subsequent passage of a Bill or reveal even more arguments to be had around it. I am a very great fan of pre-legislative scrutiny, and the more we can do the better

The number of bills published in draft form has fallen to 1 in 2004-4 to one this session; and the quality of legislation has fallen as a result. One simply has to think of this years dogs Breakfast of an Environment Bill, which was written in the department a year before being published. A wasted year.

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