Correction: Highways England PD Rights for Infilling Bridges

Last week I made a post on whether Highways England could infill under bridges. I was wrong. The PD right only applies to the highways authority. These bridges were granted by the DOT as liabilities several years ago. For the most part roads running over them are not maintained by Highways England. Rather the PD right they quote is in the Act, for ’emergency works’ by statutory undertakers, which includes Highways England as a ‘strategic highways company’.

But apparently they are wrong as they are using in many cases the wrong structural engineering standard. It would appear the easiest way to save them is for the highways authority to out on a weight limit. As Highways England may have submitted false information to Penrith there may even be legal grounds for revoking the certificate and taking enforcement action (as recently happened in Islington.

Full story here

Planners, please chide me for such silly mistakes.

One thought on “Correction: Highways England PD Rights for Infilling Bridges

  1. Too lazy to research this properly but if I was looking for grounds to challenge this I’d be thinking about EIA and cumulative projects and/or SEA if this is seen as a strategy of many small projects. Also HRA for any locations that provide wildlife corridors linking to protected sites?

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