Oxfordshire – i’ve got the Perfect name for you ‘The Oxfordshire Slowth Bored’

The Oxfordshire Growth Board is considering changing its name at its 12th July meeting – because growth is a ‘scary’ , and it doesn’t really decide anything.

I’ve got the perfect name for you.

The ‘Oxfordshire Slowth Bored’

Slowth because we want to build as slowly as we can get away with.

Of course that will mean people driving much further to commute into the County making progress to zero carbon a whole lot slower.

We will slow down that sowing by slowing business growth as much as we can too.

And we dont want to scare people by actually consulting anyone on what goes where, no lets produce as boring and meaningless documents as we can full of stuff none can disgree with – err unless it means building anything.

Oxfordshire Slowth Bored it is.

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