Labour’s Opposition Day Motion On Planning Reform is So Badly Worded it is Meaningless

It says (Monday Debate)

‘“protect the right of communities to object to individual planning applications”

Of course they have the right. Where zoning, such as currently under an LDO, or NDO, SPZ etc. applies you don’t need planning permission for the principle of the use.

When applications come forward they concern the design details require consent, which anyone can object to.

Has there been marches in the street over LDOs, or NDOs, SPZs, or the new principle of Masterplan consents in Scottish planning reform? No.

Labour even introduced such a zoning principle when granting the ability to issue such orders to Housing Action Trusts.

In all the country’s in the world apart from the England (and Wales) which have zoning and subdivision systems are there marches requiring reforms to make it as slow, ugly and ineffectual as the British System no.

What this shows is how hopeless the Planning White Paper was in explaining what zoning is and might be in the British context, for example development plans granting permission in principle. Again was there marches in the street when permission in principle was announced – no.

What this also shows is how ignorant the Labour front bench is on the details of planning systems and the options and issues over planning reform – otherwise they would have written a motion that actually means something.

They should withdraw the motion – it makes them look stupid.