British Protected Sites for British People

A little bird has told me that DEFRA ministers have told NE staff to no longer prioritise in planning casework impact on international (Natura 2000) European protected sites. Apparently good old ‘British’ sites are to be considered equally.

This means that in one home counties authority for a local plan AA instead of assessing impact on one SPA they are assessing impact on 200 SSSIs, which is impossible, so aprt from delay the onus is being thrown back on LPAs.

This stupid unthinking nationalism, not understanding that rare species don’t need permission from Priti Patel to cross a border, will bring major cases, dcos and plan making t a shuddering hair.

The edibe dormouse (glis glis) you not important as your also rare in Slovakia.

12,000 Home Green Belt New Community Plan For North of South End Preferred Option for Local Plan

Refined Options for the Southend Local Plan went to and were passed by cabinet. On Monday.

This includes 1,800 houses in the Green Belt at Fossets Farm, 600 on grassland outside Green Belt, and 12,000 North of Southend (roughly 4,900 in Rayleigh district).

10,600 extra houses from increased urban capacity, don’t say they arn’t trying.

This strategic option was the most popular from an options consultation in 2019.

Southend Echoe

However, at a cabinet meeting , deputy leader Ron Woodley insisted the target was in excess of the number of homes needed in the borough.

He said: “The Government is forcing us, this council into making a decision that’s probably not going to serve the majority of residents in this town.

“I agree we have to go forward with the local plan.

“There’s no doubt about it because we’ve been told to do it but how many properties do we need to build to meet the Southend resident’s needs or is it meet the London needs and elsewhere?”

No the calculation of the standard method doesn’t include ANY homes for London.

MP David Amess says Southend already has too many homes

He said: “As the Member of Parliament for Southend West, there is no space whatsoever for the building of any new homes.

“The little green areas that we have, I want protected at all costs.

“There are far too many flats in Southend West which have had a serious impact on the environment and parking.

“I have made my views about any further development very plain to ministers.”

I should declare an interest here in that several years ago I did studies on this area for the local authorities. It is something of a breakthrough as it is the first strategic Green Belt site to come forward within the South Essex Local Plan process. Sadly it is presented as a sausage factory of numbers rather than a design led opportunity forzero carbon planning (11 rails stations within 2 km of the growth area).