The Pincer Movement of Extremes Against Planning Reform

Where was this said

“Let’s talk about the Nimbys, and by that I mean folks who tend to be upper middle-class, tend to be white, tend to be in suburban communities. They often are very clever at finding and building alliances with progressive activists of color who are legitimately concerned about gentrification—and what is typically a left-right pincer can be very challenging for the housing conversation. So I think it’s important to separate what the opposition is…and addressing what is legitimate…but also calling out the opposition that really isn’t based on anything but fear of the unknown, fear of the other, fear of changing the status quo.”

By David Chiu California state senator in favour of a package of zoning reforms against a package of modest zoning reforms passed overwhelmingly by the State senate, including allowing duplexes on land which is currently single family zoned.

This shows the ‘pincer movement’ against progressive zoning reform is the same everywhere, wealthy homeowners seeking to protect housing values caused by housing shortages allied with misguided avocados sold false narratives.

If you read websites like 48 Hills you will see how ridiculous the arguyme nts area such as

‘98% of the housing in California is market, why would anyone want ore of it’

‘This inititaive is funded by slilcon valley, capitalists are evil’ (they struggle to find staff who can afford to live there)

This doesn’t provide affordable housing (err a single unit is too small to require a percentage of affordable housing)

It will displace people of colour (all of the recent research shows lack of housing causes displacement and providing more housing stabilises existing communities and brings prices down, the ‘gentrification causes displacement theory’ is comprehensively debunked)

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