Greater Exeter Plan – Dead

Since East Devon failed to agree to consult on draft options for a Greater Exteter Plan it has seemed fatally wounded.

Teignmouth are now publishing their own plan, as is Mid Devon, they together with Exeter are producing a non statutory plan.

Of course the key issue is Exeter wont be able to meet all of their needs in their own area and East Devon is the only sustainable place to put most of the overspill. So very predictably East Devon will fail on DTC.

Of course this shows that without statutory joint strategic planning with statutory joint committees ‘localism’ 1) produces plans years late 2) doesn’t meet need 3) is not local as ‘local only’ plans don’t pass examination 4) is an expensive waste of time.

Now we know localism as seen by Greg Clarke and Eric Pickles as failed exactly as predicted can we please move on.

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