Cumbrian Nimbys Add weight of their 106 Year Campaign to Cambridgeshire Anti East -West Rail Protesters

Five generations if Campaigners in Cumbria have continued there vigil against the Ribblehead Viaduct, contending that the 32m High Viaduct will ruin the countryside. Even 30 years after it was listed grade II*.

In Cambridgeshire campaigners too inspiration from the campaign.

12m high what a monstrosity‘ said Dr Avodaco Nimby of the Harston Residents Group, ‘north of Cambridge can have a 20m high viaduct instead. Just look how Cumbria has been wrecked by the Settle Carlisle Railway and the Ribblehead Viaduct. The last thing we want is to give oiks visiting Cambridge a view.’

Bev Banana of the Save Ribblehead group added her oar in. ‘Me my, dad, my grandad and my great grandad, we will prevail, as Thatcher planned the carbuncle viaduct will be pulled down, and I hope in that Spirit, the Harston Viaduct will never be built. ‘

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