A North Cambourne Station to Support a New Town – ‘But we Don’t Want a New Town’

Cambridge Independent

Parishes who would be impacted by an East West Rail northern route fear they are being “chucked under the train”, a chairman has claimed….

Speaking after the meeting, [parish cllr] Deer also raised concerns about a station north of Cambourne and what it could mean for development in the area.

I take the mick but he’s right. The East West rail consultation document was full of references to the benefits of supporting development. Development not yet consulted on in any draft plan.

What happens when we do get the draft plan. Will it say you have to have development here because the rail goes here and not here because it doesn’t?

What about the reference in the recent ARC document on the need to join up development and transport planning? Especially as the route is zig zagging all over the place to meet development, when the main locations for development havnt even been consulted on yet. Combine the consultation with the Arc options. Indeed you have to. East West Rail is just one part of the Arc programme and there has to be options for that under the SEA regs.

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