2 thoughts on “Jenryk: Planning System Not Fit For Purpose

  1. This is meaningless verbiage fabricated purely for the consumption of (presumed) Telegraph reading Local Conservative Associations. Who have been waking up to the potential stark realities of having one bite of the “consultation” apple: when local plans are modified once every 5-10 years, and when land is ‘zoned’ for development (or not). Rather than having the right to be involved in most actual development proposals themselves. We’ll see what emanates from Victoria/Whitehall. Eventually, whenever that is. But I very much doubt it will dissuade LCAs. Not their backbenchers.

  2. We’ve been promised raised affordable housing thresholds (presently, they mess with so many small schemes that developers either don’t bother or they make them smaller to avoid triggering and losing any profit margin). Also, the CIL (developer tax) has been proposed to be standardised nationally. It ranges from £zero to £400 / m2 and often seems totally unjust. If it were lower and fairer – developers would be happy and for once, the NIMBY locals could actually figure out that without new developments, many community facilities wouldn’t get funded. Lastly, why wait till August for the new Prior Approval system. We’ve known about it for ages! It’s slow responses that get we property professionals so frustrated!

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