Jenryk’s Fascistic Imposition of Bad Taste on Everyone and Everywhere

Thomas Kinkade Candlelight Cottage 1996

Ah sir you are the artist we have appointed for this painting.

Yes Sir

Well there is a problem.

What is that?

Well we have done some polling through Create Streets.

And the Bad News is your painting looks nothing like the most popular painting on UK Walls.

Free as the Wind Aust Albo 1962

‘If you want to be paid please paint what is popular.’

Of course unlike inside paintings what is outside ALWAYS imposes an aesthetic.

However artists and architects are creatives, there freedom to create should be be stifled by conformity to what is popular. Which is not to say the bulk and prominence of some buildings should not bully their surroundings.

Jenryk’s intellectual flaw is totally contrary to the views of Roger Scruton who was very critical of immensely popular but totally naff artists like Thomas Kinkade. A good artist is likely in the long run to be popular, but popularity does not make good art. Of course no one would confuse such an apparatchik with an intellectual or an artist.

If Jenryks view prevailed development new developments would look like the historicist Chinese recreations of English Villages.

Thames Town China

‘Fascist art glorifies surrender, it exalts mindlessness’ Susan Sontag

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