Has Johnny Vegas Got Around Planning?

Watching his new seres now it struck me that his plan was to use 5 static buses, Because of course 5 or less ‘touring caravans’ or less is pd and exampt from site licensing.

When he was asked in the pub why buses and said ‘providing you can tow them on site you don’t need planning’ I nearly jumped out of my seat.

However the restriction is it has to by an Organization such as the Caravan Club and a maximum of ‘not more than 5 nights at a time‘. 5 caravans is hardly a commercial proposition, however the day rates of Glamping these days, you never know. Of course the issue for enforcement is the planning unit. Tow 5 buses between multiples fields on a large estate, short of a blank injunction almost impossible to enforce. A huge exemption is for agricultural workers, put your site next to a strawberry field. One suspects the tightness and framing of the rules are deliberate to discriminate against Gypsies and Travelers.

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