Promoting Car Only Sprawl in Shropshire – Black Country Authorities should be Ashamed of Themselves

Tong next to the M54, not a good city for a Garden Community

Shropshire Star

Walsall Council has followed Dudley in submitting an objection to Shropshire Council’s local plan – on the grounds it does not do enough to help the Black Country councils deal with their lack of land for housing development.

…one of the most contentious proposals, a plan from Viscount Newport and the Bradford Estates for 3,000 homes and a major business site on land near Tong and north of Junction 3 of the M54, was rejected by Shropshire Council.

But both Dudley, and now Walsall Council, which are members of the Association of Black Country Authorities (ABCA), have called for the proposal to go ahead.

Councillor Mike Bird, leader of Walsall Council has followed his Dudley counterpart Councillor Patrick Harley, in writing to Shropshire Council to urge it to reconsider.

He said that the Shropshire plan should come up with 4,500 homes to make up for the shortfall in available land in the Black Country.

Shropshire has already agreed to provide 1,500 homes towards the Black Country shortfall

Yes Shropshire should provide 4,500 houses to help cover the shortfall, and that needs also should be helped by South Staffs, Cannock and Lichfield.

Kowever the M54 site is terrible, no public transport, next to Motorway, hardly zero carbon.

The problem is not enough large site coming forward in call for sites near railway stations. Shropshire is too beholden to the wims of Great Estate landowners. There should be joint studies of potential around railway stations around a Northern ARC of the Black Country and potential development corporations. Land around Albrighton for example.