Realistic Alternative Strategies – North Somerset Shows Exactly How to Do it

As we have written so many times on here it is frustrating that plan continue to make exactly the same mistake. Not consulting on realistic strategy alternatives. Dorset, West of England etc. etc.

North Somerset has recently consulted on a ‘challenges for the future’ document, with an integrated initial SA.

Anyway it very constrained. The document is excellently presented and clear. It doesnt hide key problems and issues.

The four options are:

The Green Belt coverage is not so extreme as to make ruling out Green Belt an unreasonable option. That aside these 4 options will be likely be the main typologies for most edge of conurbation authorities with several towns beyond the Green Belt.

In a good move they add another blank map alternative

If you have any thoughts on possible alternatives, we would like to hear from you.
We have included a blank base map on p.30 for you to annotate, or you can download one from our online questionnaire.

I would have added please ensure you meet the required level of growth. Otherwise people will return it blank, not realistic.

The discussion of the pros and cons are excellent and it is clear the likely chosen alternative will be a combination of 2 and 3, and local cllrs have hinted as such.

Also of note is a methodology paper, the only other authority to have done that is Shepway (to great effect). Key is the point I always make on here ‘Simplify the evidence’ they do this through concentrating on a list of main places with potential and broad bands of scales of development.

Roll on RTPI award nominations.