The 1980s Docklands Pub – A Typology Worth Listing?

Sometimes familiar building uses are of a style so rare (like churches built during the commonwealth), they are eminently listable. To that list may I add 1980 dockland pubs, physical manifestations of the big bang, jam packed with the masters of the universe. They are rare cause the east end has so many pubs and were only built in places where there was only docks and no residential before. I can only think of three, one of which is listable

3 thoughts on “The 1980s Docklands Pub – A Typology Worth Listing?

      • Well, a typology would be a catalogue of types or the study of types, as in taxonomy, or mythology. Something like 80s London Docklands pubs, or roadhouses, improved pubs, coaching inns, and so on, are types of pubs. A typology of pubs could be drawn up, differentiating various types. Likewise someone focused on urban morphology could have a go at identifying and then cataloguing types of villages, that would be a typology of villages.
        Mind you, it’s ‘misuse’, not ‘miss-use’, so I’m not the clever one!

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