My New Photography and Computer Graphics Site

To avoid cluttering this site too much ive launched a new blog covering only photograhy and computer graphics called High Dynamic Rage. In my first post the Year of the God Camera I talk about how 6,000 dollars ‘no compromises’ cameras have become possible in 2021. I hope to launch a vlog soon.

3 thoughts on “My New Photography and Computer Graphics Site

  1. It would be useful to expose the misrepresentation of using 24mm wide-angle lenses to produce “verified views” to present an assessment of the impact of buildings, especially tall buildings.

    The Landscape Institute’s Guidance of September 2019 proposed that a 50mm lens – the closest to what the human eye sees – should be the default setting for providing a visualisation. There is a whole industry that has been using 24mm lenses to disguise the impact and allowing “townscape experts” to underestimate the impact on the streetscape, townscape, let alone the skyline.

    Needless to say most planners have either not noticed this or have chosen to let the practice continue. The townscape visual assessments fool the public but worse still they fool the decision makers – planning committees and Planning Inspectors. It is an “Emperor’s New Clothes” moment – we now know what is happening, but nobody wants to speak up!

    • I remember the founder of Verified Views giving a lecture on how he was cross examined for a day by English Heritage Barrister on why he didnt use 50mm lenses. They normally do but on many narrow London streets you have to use a wide angle lens as a 50mm shot wont show adjoining building

      ‘For close up views, we would use a 28mm or 24mm tilt-shift lens to capture the complete context of the scene. From further away, we would use a 50mm lens as it gives a more accurate interpretation of what the human eye would see..’

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