K&C U-Turn over High Street Kensington Cycle Lane

K&C They had to after TfL camera data showing an increase in congestion.

Friday 8 January 2021

Following representations from groups and partners in the borough, the Council will be revisiting the decision to remove temporary cycle lanes on High Street Kensington.

The Council’s Leadership Team will look again at the factors, the evidence, and views from all sides of the debate, but without the Lead Member for Transport. This will ensure a fair and frank discussion, and a balanced decision based on a new report with the latest evidence.

Cllr Elizabeth Campbell, Leader of Kensington and Chelsea Council, said:

“I have asked the Council to look again at the decision to remove temporary cycle lanes on Kensington High Street, and I will be seeking views and a decision from the entire Leadership Team. We will do this without the Lead Member for Transport in the interest of fairness and balance.

“It is important we consider the most up-to-date information and views we have available, and so officers have been asked to prepare an up-to-date report for us to consider at our meeting in March. I know the depth of feeling on both sides of this issue, so it is important we make the time to consider this further and understand how the Council can be a leader in all forms of active and sustainable travel.”

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