The #CAMKMX Zero Carbon Transport Budget


The Strategic Transport Forum from England’s Economic Heartland (EEH), (the sub national Transport Body for the region) have committed to producing a ‘decarbonisation roadmap’ by the end of 2021 which could include setting a regional carbon budget, against which future investment requirements would be prioritised.  They argue that there is a need to go ‘harder and faster’ on reaching net zero emissions from transport before the nationwide legal requirement of 2050

Now of course the risk is that the whole carbon budget could be blown on a few road schemes, expressway or not. However the sheer scale of growth will need roads to deal at the very least with residual traffic and logistics growth. Which means that this needs to be offset – how?

The answer I think is looking at the big TTWAs. Cambridge in particular and Oxford less so have severely bloated TTWAs and massive imbalances between in commuting and local residents. Simply providing more housing nearer the major towns will reduce the length and amount of commuting so much, and provide new fare boxes for transit that this will more than offset the fears of local congestion. This is not a blind assertion. I know first hand the traffic modelling of county councils show this. A few strategic projects to increase rail capacity can also free up capacity for more local commuting. Its doable.

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