Does @joannaaverley understand what local plans do and how zoning is different? It seems not

Planning Portal Conference

Combining this with the proposed move for local plans to make area-based allocations and for “greater clarity of expectation in terms of design and other placemaking aspects through coding and masterplans” means “we can have a clearer expectation, therefore speeding through decisions, informed by strong policies and engagement”

Local plans already make allocations.

They dont make ‘as of right’ decisions on development consents.

Joanna’s language only makes sense in light of the current system where you only make a decision ‘informed by policy’ and after a masterplan. You would use different language and logic in a zoning system. At what point is the decision made and for what elements of a masterplan. When does ‘as of right’ kick in and when does design control kick in?

This is very very worrying. It either shows she hasn’t got her head around what zoning is, or that the government want to take us through two years of legislation to introduce a fake zoning system still with discretionary decisions on ‘as of right development consent’ much like New York’s system.

She should urgently qualify.

More hopefully the ‘informed by strong policies’ means zoning decisions would be informed by strategic policy. Something the White Paper proposed to get rid of. However as the language so mixes up and confuses different types and levels of decision in a zoning based system it is really hard to know what she meant, or if her and her civil servant knew what they meant, given of course how little of the proposals in the white paper were written by civil servants.

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