Government Panic Means Reformed Planning System Could Deliver Far Fewer Houses

Daily Mail

A source said an area’s required number of homes ‘will only be the starting point’ in the process. ‘Local authorities will still need to consider the constraints they face locally to assess how many homes can be delivered,’ 

Err wasnt the point of The Planning White Paper to strengthen the standard method, remove the cap and redistribute housing from constrained areas; and this would replace the duty to cooperate which under current national policy requires provision for ‘a any needs that cannot be met within neighbouring areas’

So with this change, which isn’t in the White Paper, local authorities would simply push numbers down to far lower than than the formula or the current system. What a mess.

Of course it may simply be the MHCLG press office not really understanding what they are doing, in the absence of a new chief planner, trying to spin themselves out of a political hole, or ministers doing the same. Either way lets ask a simple question, is the purpose of the reforms to force the shires to build more or let them build less? Its a simple question.

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