Some Rules of Advocado Planning

Avocado Planning here

  1. Never Build a Town in a Forest

2. Never Build a Town in a Floodplain


3. Never Build a Town on Top of a Hill


4. Never Build a Town in Beautiful Countryside

Why is Bath a World Heritage Site? | City of Bath World Heritage Site

5. Never Build a Town on the Coast

Beautiful Oia town on Santorini island, Greece

6. Never Build a Town in Front of A Beautiful View


7. Never Build on Agricultural Land


8. Never Build a Town on Steep Slopes


9. Don’t Build Tall Buildings in Small Rural Towns

Pin on Deeply Southern
Andalucia Albabama

10. Don’t Build Towns Requiring New Roads or Infrastructure

Top 10 small towns in Spain, charming places you need to visit

If there is ANY proposal for a large strategic site you will get a laundry list of natural assets that it will harm. Human civilization has been built on overcoming these challenges. Clearing forests, building on lowest bridging points etc. It is the natural settings of these places which create the finest towns and cities on the planet, as well as creating the economic conditions upgrading of land and local markets which more than overcome the disadvantages, whether draining of polders in the Netherlands or the massively productive agricultural land in Japan. Places shape their surroundings and successful places shape their surroundings.

This is not to say you should rip up the rules about where development should go. But they should be treated as in many cases be amenable to good design, only where there are irreplaceable natural assets should it be a firm no.

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