Chairman National Infra Commission – More Council Homes and Building on Green Belt Needed to Hit 300k Target


A huge expansion of council housing, including using the green belt, will be needed to meet Boris Johnson’s “build, build, build” commitments, a government infrastructure adviser has said.

Sir John Armitt suggested that the government was stuck in the 1980s with “ideological” objections to social housing as he warned that tweaking the planning system was not enough to hit a target of 300,000 homes a year.

He told The Times: “I’ve made this point to housing ministers over the last couple of years on a number of occasions. Clearly they don’t agree. But I am convinced that we will not get to what we need to get to if we rely simply on the private sector.”

Boris – Not Just Brownfield Sites

It is important to read the full text of Boris’ ‘Build, Build, Build’ speech – because the most important passage has not been reported on at all

‘We will build fantastic new homes on brownfield sites

and other areas that with better transport and other infrastructure could frankly be suitable and right for development

and address that intergenerational injustice

and help young people get on the housing ladder in the way that their parents and grandparents could

and it is to galvanise this whole process that this government will shortly bring forward the most radical reforms of our planning system since the end of the second world war’

One can imagine the MCHLG and Number 10 advisors taking a red pen to add that line, as rightly brownfield sites, as we know, are not enough.