A Donut Shaped Recovery – A Simple 3 Point Plan for Changing Cities for Good after the Pandemic

3 simple points:

  1. Make the changes now that are needed to make cities more functional in the pandemic.  This includes measures such as introducing 20 mph speed limits in cities, closing roads to provide more open spaces with spacial distancing in congested areas and introducing prioritised park and ride transit facilities for key workers.
  2. Have a gradual recovery plan for getting back to a ‘new normal’
  3. Ensure the ‘new normal’ doesn’t lose the health and safety and natural recovery benefits gained during the shutdown.  That means maintaining measures such as road closures and shared transit that ensure we don’t breach matters such as air quality minutes.  The aim is to ensure planetary benefits are locked in for good.

Probably the best model we have for setting the parameters for the ‘new normal; is the Donut model of Kate Raworth, which I wont repeat here.

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