Decarbonising Transport The Difference Between A Goal and a Strategy to Get There

The DoTs document ‘Decarbonising Transport”  Setting the Challenge’ has been getting a lot of attention for sounding all the right noises.   Nothling like it has come out yet from the MCHLG for Planning or Housing.   E,g,

Public transport and active travel will be the natural first choice for our daily activities. We will use our cars less and be able to rely on a convenient, cost-effective and coherent public transport network.

However is there is there a plan to get to net zero in this sector.  No the minister says ‘ In the coming months we will work with you to develop the plan’ by which he means developing a Transport Decarbonisation plan by the end of 2020.

Most of the document is taken up by listing existing government initiatives.  Which are nowhere near enough.   Transport became the largest emitting sector of GHG emissions in 2016.








The document doesn’t given any options to get from A to B.  It is just like a local plan issue report that says we have a terrible trajectory, we arn’t telling you where the sites might be, but we are going through with the prentence of an open consultation process.  A quick reminder of English common law, major policy decisions made without consultation on alternatives pro and cons wont pass the definition of consultation.

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