Sue Cooper – Heres How to Have a Zero Carbon South Oxfordshire Local Plan

In response to a letter from the SoS Sue Cooper Leader of South Oxfordshire sends him a speech.  That will go down well.  As well as the following letter.

On the understanding that you continue to view eLP2034 proceeding to inspection as the only possible way forward, it would help us if your officials could list some examples of the kinds of significant changes which would address our concerns that can be made as modifications during inspection, and also an indication of how we could go further on sustainability and climate change policies.
There is obviously a lot more detail that I could give you. But it would be very much better if we could meet so that I can explain how and where we wish to plan for really good, affordable, well designed, energy-efficient housing in sustainable locations, rather than the depressing, sprawling housing estates of over-priced units remote from locations where the occupants work which make such poor use of our very
restricted land supply.

Here how you can do it Sue.  its easy:

  1.  Stop arguing about housing numbers.  They are fixed in the standard OAN method.  Building less than this will simply mean people having to drive further to work to work locations in South Oxfordshire.
  2. Start with south of Grenoble Road.  By far the most sustainable new location for a strategic site in the whole of Oxfordshire, which can be linked by transit to Central Oxford and the Oxford Business Park/BMW-Mini.  Other sites you might suggest will involve driving.  If you want to start with a clocation close to where people work this should be top of the pile.
  3. Scrap Chalgrove.  A silly unsustainable site car dependent and accessed via country lanes.  Instead make one of the East of Oxford sites in the Green Belt larger.  Clearly an SEA would support that.  By the way with the overly tight Oxford Green Belt you support it should be renamed the Black Belt after all of the extra exhaust emissions from the extra driving it causes.
  4. Relocate Oxford Airport to Chalgrove.  Work with Homes England to CPO the site.  This would create a huge brownfield site for 1000s of homes on Oxfords doorstep.
  5. Work with the County Council on a strategic plan for Oxfordshire.  Rather than scattering large estates on the edge of South Oxfordshires many pretty villages they should be concentrated in a few places served by rail and Bus Rapid Transit.  For example such a plan could see less scattered rural housing in South Oxfordshire and concentration at strategic locations – such as South of Grenoble, east of Oxford, and potentially a new Garden City at Grove – the size of Oxford.
  6. Work with Grant Shapps to restore the whole of the Wycombe Line, not just the Cowley Branch, and four track Swindon to Didcot.  Debeechingification should be prioritised, paid for by land value capture at places like South of Thame’and South of Grenoble Road.
  7. Positively masterplan new Garden Communities, avoid the mistake made by Uttlesford, who didnt even know their size, footprints, ‘viability, affordability or deliverability.
  8. Set world beating Zero/Negative Carbon Plan standards, including 60% plus active travel/modal share targets for strategic sites and built in design and transport infrastructure to make this happen
  9. Stop listening to Nimbys and Psuedo-Greens, start listening to experts. Nicholas Falk for starters.
  10. Stop chasing Unicorn Plans, start delivering a real one.

By the way the answer to your question is in paras 3.17,  6.1 and 6.2 of the local plan procedures guide.

One thought on “Sue Cooper – Heres How to Have a Zero Carbon South Oxfordshire Local Plan

  1. “Start with south of Grenoble Road. By far the most sustainable new location for a strategic site in the whole of Oxfordshire,”
    There are some that argue Culham is the most sustainable location for a strategic site in the whole of Oxfordshire.
    It is a world class employment centre. Development would allow train services to Oxford and London to be improved. It is potentially a car free location where residents would not need to own a private car.
    You have not mentioned that opposition to development in the Green Belt has been led by South Oxfordshire John Howell MP. He is opposed to development at Culham and anywhere in the Oxford Green Belt in South Oxfordshire. He has campaigned against development south of Grenoble Road for twenty years plus.

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