Braintree Leader – Opponents of Garden Communities a Minority of ‘Keyboard Warriors’

Of course when leaders start pandering to Keyboard Warriors Chief Planning get suspended

Essex Live

Graham Butland, the leader of Braintree District Council, said: “Clearly there are feelings that run high.

“I don’t believe that there is the amount of opposition that some are trying to tell us. Someone mentioned keyboard warriors. I think it is a lot like that.

“I think we have to resolve.

“No-one wants housing. The people who lived in White Court didn’t want Great Notley.

“Now it’s all part of one community.

“But what is important, and I’m delighted that some of the younger councillors spoke, because this is what this is about.

“I’m one of the lucky generation who picked the right time to be born when it was automatically assumed that when you were in your mid twenties and got married you would buy a house.

“And if you didn’t there was sufficient council housing to rent.”

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