Homes England Persue 10,000 Home Community West of Crawley

Crawley Observer

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A massive 10,000-home development west of Ifield is being proposed by Homes England.

The large-scale strategic site on the edge of Crawley would include 35 per cent affordable housing, primary and secondary schools, a new western relief road, community facilities and would help to create 10,000 new jobs.

The target is for 50 per cent green space in the new development, with Ifield Meadows protected and a comprehensive flood protection scheme.

Homes England has launched a public consultation on the plans which will run until December.

The Government’s housing agency has also been in discussions with Horsham District Council as the authority carries out a review of its local plan and looks at potentially allocating new strategic sites.

Homes England said: “At the appropriate time we will support the local authorities to secure the opportunity to create the next new neighbourhoods for Crawley, complete with the social, health and transport infrastructure to make it a place which residents will be proud to make their home and existing residents can benefit from.”

They added: “We are seeking to create a new sustainable community on land to the west of Ifield. The neighbourhoods will deliver homes in West Sussex where they are most needed, new infrastructure and green spaces to create a vibrant new community. In addition to providing the new homes, we will also provide a link road, schools, and other community facilities and we want you to feedback on our proposals.”

It went on to describe how it would work with residents to ‘build a great community for both existing and new residents’ and would invest in the right infrastructure as well as homes.

HE said it recognised infrastructure had to be delivered early to benefit both existing and future communities and is also committed to creating a sustainable new community with biodiversity net gain ‘leaving a richer more diverse environment after the work’.

A Horsham District Council spokesman said: “We are currently in the process of reviewing our local plan, as the Government requires us to do every five years. The Government is seeking a ‘step change’ in the number of houses which are built nationally. Horsham District Council has no option but to contribute to meeting the increased level of housing development through the revised local plan.

“As part of this process, we are looking at a range of strategic sites which have been put forward to the council to consider as part of the local plan review and the proposed development site on land West of Ifield is one of those.

“As we carry out this plan led process of reviewing the local plan we will focus on the need to create sustainable developments, providing homes where they are most needed and where we can meet Government requirements.

“Whilst we appreciate that the proposed development of some 10,000 homes on the land West of Ifield is a significant figure, any development of that scale has the potential to help bring forward much needed infrastructure in terms of new road systems, primary and secondary schools and GP surgeries, alongside green spaces and opportunities for new jobs for local people.

“It should be noted that all strategic-developments offer a significant number of homes and if progressed, would be spread over a period of time depending on their size. “

A Crawley Borough Council spokesman added: “The Government wants to significantly increase the number of houses which are built nationally, including on the land the Government owns West of Ifield. Despite being on the border of Crawley, this proposed development by Homes England is located in Horsham district and consequently they will be the decision makers on any application which eventually comes forward.

“This site is likely to be one of several strategic sites that Horsham District Council will have to consider for development as part of its local plan review and this council will be involved in that process at the appropriate time. Whatever the outcome we will work tirelessly to ensure that Homes England and Horsham District Council are aware of how the development will impact upon our town and our residents.

“We’d urge anyone with an interest in these proposals to have their say at Homes England’s consultation events over the coming months.”

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