Homes England to Develop 13,000 Homes on Golf Course West of Crawley

Crawley and Horsham districts have long had their eye on this plot of land.

Estates Gazette

Homes England has agreed to acquire 160 acres at Ifield Golf Club, in a major step to deliver a new £3bn garden village outside of Crawley, Sussex. It is planning to deliver 3,250 homes in the first phase at the 480-acre Ifield site, and will create a masterplan for a 10,000-home village on a wider 1,483-acre footprint in future phases. Homes England will apply to central government for the site to be recognised as distinct new settlement, with its own community facilities and eligible for state funding. The acquisition builds on the department’s legacy ownership of 320 acres.

2 thoughts on “Homes England to Develop 13,000 Homes on Golf Course West of Crawley

  1. How on earth will roads like Rusper Road toward Ifield Green, Ifield Avenue and the A264 particularly at Pease Pottage junction of the M23 cope? At rush hour all these roads lead toward the A23 and M23 and are utter bedlam without Kilnwood Vale being fully completed and inhabited. There’s also the fact that neither Horsham or Crawley have a new hospital with A&E facilities! 13,000 new homes is at least 39,000 people who will be using the dire East Surrey Hospital that can’t cope with its catchment area plus have a heart attack during rush hour the ambulance won’t be able to get to you let alone get you to East Surrey Hospital! In the 1960’s my mother lived at Old School Cottages on the Rusper Road near the Plough PH. I remember pictures taken from the upstairs of Old School Cottages of the Rusper Road completely flooded when the River Mole burst its banks. That was in the 60’s before Crawley was the size it is now! I really do not think this is a good idea let alone a tenable one!

  2. I agree no improvement to the road structure has been implemented to deal with the massive increase in traffic in many parts of Crawley. The balcombe road has to deal with the major development at Forge Wood this road has not changed since I moved here in 1970 it is the busiest B road in west Sussex. I understand that roads should be improved before these major developments happen. We will finish up gridlocked if these developments are approved unless checked.

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