Wycombe Local Plan Inspector – Dont revisit Numbers on basis of 2016 based HH Projections


The 2016 – Based Household Principal Projections for England were issued shortly after the completion of the LP hearing sessions in September 2018. The projections indicate that household growth in Wycombe has slowed significantly and that the number of households shown in the 2016-based household projections is approximately 40% lower than that shown in the 2014-based household projections. Additional evidence presented in respect of this matter indicates that should the OAHN be revisited in light of the latest projections it is likely to result in a reduced housing requirement for the District20
.However, there are some doubts about the reliability of the 2016-projections and their reliability for plan making. Notwithstanding this, the PPG on HEDNA makes clear that the household projections are only the starting point for establishing a housing requirement figure. For these reasons and having regard to the importance of boosting the supply of housing, it would be unjustified to revisit the Plan’s evidence base and delay adoption of the Plan in the light of the 2016-based projections

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