Why Reigate and Bansted need to be Starting on their Local Plan Review Now

Reigate and Bansted have concluded they don’t need to review their core startegy now they have a brand new DMP.  Their core strategy policy CS13 requires allocation of 460 units a year 2012-2027.  They have exceeded this level so far.  The standard method requires almost no change.

Their report though doesnt refer to the minimum life span of 10 year of housing supply in the NPPF.  Which leaves three years till the housing supply of the plan runs out in 2022.  2 years (assume they propose to review again the need for review in 2020) is hardly enough time for review of a local plan.   They have benefited from windfall releases of brownfield Green Belt sites which is an exuastable supply.   They should start reviewing now

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