Electric Vehicle Charging points to be Made Compulsory – but at £16k a time it will kill Affordable Apartments


We are proposals to alter existing:

  • residential
  • non-residential

buildings regulations to include a requirement for electric vehicle chargepoint infrastructure.

The government proposes every new residential building with an associated car parking space to have a chargepoint. We propose this requirement applies to buildings undergoing a material change of use to create a dwelling.

Installing chargepoints in residential buildings will add an additional cost ofapproximately £976 per car parking space for an average home.

This is not correct.  If you are installing a chargpoint in af ront wall next to a parking space the cost for the socket is £45.   If you have flats where anyone can plug in (to avoid electricity rsutling) the cost of a digital charging pole is 14-16 thousand.  This will likely kill off affordable apartments and build to rent.  As of yet there is no technical solution to this at an affordable price.  The sensible thing to do is integrate them with lampost however until we have an affordable solution the cost will still fall on purchasers through being rolled into adoption charges.

The consultation does not even acknowledge this problem, though it suggests setting an upper limit of cost per dwellings it does not state what this is.

The impact assessment doesnt even understand the difference in cost between a single socket which can be secured with a key and dedicated infrastructure for apartments.



2 thoughts on “Electric Vehicle Charging points to be Made Compulsory – but at £16k a time it will kill Affordable Apartments

  1. Reblogged this on Roger Gambba-Jones and commented:
    Ludicrous piece of knee jerk policy making. Pandering to to some idealised image of a zero carbon car owning society within 25 or 50 years? Meanwhile we continue to build junk housing that fails in nearly every other category of providing decent accommodation that can cater for any sort of change to family circumstance. Need a bit more storage, you’ll need to move. Need room for a baby, you’ll need to move. Need to park a car, you’ll need to move. Want any sort of outside space – good luck with that one. Wondering where to put the 2, 3, 4 + wheelie bins your refuse and recycling now has to go in? Don’t bother looking for the well designed outdoor storage provided as part of the building regs, because central government were too busy wasting money on the electric charging point for the car you’ll never be able to afford, or even park outside your shoebox of a dwelling.

  2. Hi Andrew
    I like your blog but I think your costs of providing charging points at flats with all the control kit rather inflated. I got estimates recently of £3k-£6k per chargepoint including electrical work (depending on locations). If you put the electrical supply in with the scheme then the costs should be at the bottom end of this range. It’s still not ideal, I know, but there’s no other way to stop electricity rustling unless you have controlled access and allow residents and visitors to charge for free.
    As regards lamp posts, many highway authorities have them at the back of the footway or are moving them in that direction as they renew so they are not always possible as hosts for charging points due to leads trailing across footways and tripping up pedestrians (though they could possibly double up as skipping ropes for bored children).

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