Brokenshire Announces Funding for Garden Garden Villages – But only 3 locations made public

Speech to IH

And as we increase supply, on many occasions we’re building communities from scratch.

Where to do that, we must get it right. That’s why I am particularly delighted to be announcing today that the government will be supporting 19 new garden villages.

These new communities stretch from County Durham in the North, to Truro in the south west. Together they have the potential to deliver 73,000 new homes.

We welcome the new homes these projects will bring, but this is about so much more than “housing units”.

It’s about supporting local areas that have the vision and drive to create great new places – with all the facilities, green space and transport to make a community that will thrive.

And I’m really pleased that our plans include a specially designed community that would support the needs of people with dementia, as part of a new Garden Community at St George’s Barracks in Rutland.

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