Greater Manchester: No Legal Basis for Releasing Extra Green Belt Land for Targets Higher than SOAN @MayorofGM

What a mess the Ministry has got itself into ober the Greater Manchester Strategic Plan

A recap

They propose major Green Belt Release based on SOAN on 2014 base

After Protests Andy Burnham forces a rethink

However this could prejudice a housing deal based on original numbers

They propose using 2016 HH base but prevented from doing so by government policy

So they use 2014 HH formation + 2016 population baseline (government policy) significantly reducing Green Belt loss

The new NPPF requires Green belt loss to be fully justified

Their is no basis in caselaw or the new NPPF for proposing Green Belt loss on significantly higher than SOAN numbers.

Malthouse criticises proposed Green Belt loss in GM citing guidance on SHLAA from coalition government that is no longer in force stating Green Belt can be considered a policy constraint on OAN.

MCHLG withdraws housing deal saying numbers are too low.

So at the same time the government is saying the numbers in Greater Manchester are too high and too low,

Even by the standards of the ministry this is a total cluster f$$$k

I suspect the treasury is insisting doggedly the original housing deal is met to the letter.

What is worse the SOAN method affordability element is to blame assuming concealed households well move to jobs in unaffordable areas reducing houjsing need, despite no demographic evidence to back this up.  Were this element dropped the ooriginal numbers would be much closer to reality.